Giá bán lẻ: 289.000.000 VNĐ

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Display system High Frame Rate SXRD panel
Light Output 1700 lm
Contrast ratio 200,000:1 (Dynamic Contrast)
Display elements
Effective display size
0.74” x 3
Display elements
Effective pixels
4K (4096 x 2160) x3 / 26,542,080 pixels
Projection lens
Zoom / Focus
Electric (Approx. 2.06 x) / Electric
Projection lens
Lens shift
Electric, V +85% / -80% H:+/-31%
Light source Ultra High-pressure lamp 265W type
Screen size 60” to 300”
Reality Creation YES (4K Reality Creation)
Compatible with "Mastered in 4K " Blu-ray YES
4K 60P (YUV420/8bit:YCbCr4:2:0/8 bit) YES
X.V colour YES
3D capability YES
3D emitter Built-in RF emitter
3D glasses TDG-BT500A (Optional)
Auto Calibration YES
Manual Calibration HSV Colour Correction
Picture Position Memory YES
Wireless HDMI compatibility IFU-WH1 (Optional)
Advanced Iris Ver 3
Picture modes 9 modes
Gamma modes 11 modes
Panel Alignment Yes (Shift / Zone)
Input/Output - HDMI (2 inputs) Digital RGB/Y Pb/Cb Pr/Cr
Input/Output - Remote RS-232C
Input/Output - LAN RJ45, 10BASE-T/100BASE-TX
Input/Output - IR IN Mini Jack
Input/Output - TRIGGER Minijack, DC 12V Max. 100m A
Input/Output - USB DC 5V. MAX. 500mA
Acoustic noise 26dB
Power requirement AC100V to 240V,4.0A to 1.7A,50/60Hz
Power consumption 375 W
Power Consumption (Standby Mode) - AC 100 V to 120 V 0.3W (when “Remote Start” is set to “Off”)
Power Consumption (Standby Mode) - AC 220 V to 240 V 0.3W (when “Remote Start” is set to “Off”)
Power Consumption (Networked Standby Mode) - AC 100 V to 120 V 1.0 W (LAN) (when "Remote Start" is set to "On")
Power Consumption (Networked Standby Mode) - AC 220 V to 240 V 1.0 W (LAN) (when "Remote Start" is set to "On")
Standby Mode/Network Standby Mode Activated After about 10 minutes
Body Colour Black
Standard outside dimensions W 495.6 x H 195.3 x D 463.6 mm
Weight Approx. 14 kg
Supplied Accessories Remote Control RM-PJ24
Size AA (R6) manganese batteries (2)
AC Power Cord for projector (1)
Quick reference manual (1)
Operating Instructions (CD-ROM) (1)


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